2022 Midterm TV Ad Volume Off to a Record Start

(6/23/22) Driven by competitive primaries for U.S. Senate seats and gubernatorial races, the volume of advertising on television so far in the 2022 midterms is shattering records, according to a new report by the Wesleyan Media Project.
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Abortion Mentions Climb After SCOTUS Draft Opinion

(5/12/22) WMP finds mentions of abortion in televised political advertising have risen in the wake of the leaked draft of the Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade.
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Political Ads in 2020: Fast and Furious

(3/23/21) New research by WMP published in The Forum provides a post-mortem on the fast and furious political advertising in the 2020 cycle.
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Presidential General Election Ad Spending Tops $1.5 Billion

(10/29/20) WMP finds over $1.5 billion in estimated ad spending on TV, digital and radio in the presidential general election between April 9 and October 25.
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Record Shattering 2020 Ad Volumes

(10/21/20) Over 4.9 million ads have aired in federal races (House, Senate and president) on broadcast and national cable television since January of 2019.
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Biden Continues to Dominate Advertising

(10/15/20) Federal election contests on television have seen roughly 4.5 million ad airings totaling about $2.5 billion dollars.
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Dems Dominate Ad Spending Up and Down Ballot

(10/1/20) Democrats—helped by pro-Democratic interest groups—have dominated ad spending in the presidential, Senate and House races since Labor Day.
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Trump Shifts Focus From Crime to Jobs

(9/17/20) A new analysis from the Wesleyan Media Project finds that, at least on television, Donald Trump’s advertising has shifted away from his almost exclusive focus on crime and protests to more “bread and butter” Republican issues.
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TV Ads Favor Biden 2:1 in Last Month

(9/9/20) Pro-Biden television ads have dominated the presidential race in the past month. Since August 10, Joe Biden and his group supporters have aired 106,000 television ads at a cost of $58.9 million compared to 57,000 ads at a cost of $35.8 million for Trump and his group supporters.
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