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It’s out! Get WMP’s new comprehensive analysis: Political Advertising in the United States.

A resource for journalists, citizens, students and practitioners highlighting trends in political advertising, why advertising varies and how shifts in the campaign finance landscape have affected the tone and sponsorship of messages on air. In addition, it reviews what scholars know about advertising’s effects on citizens and the system at large.

Political advertising is as important as ever—ad spending records are broken each election cycle, and the volume of ads airing continues to increase. Political Advertising in the United States is a comprehensive survey of the political advertising landscape and its influence on voters. The authors draw from the latest data to analyze how campaign finance laws have affected the sponsorship and content of political advertising, how “big data” has allowed for more sophisticated targeting, and how the Internet and social media has changed the distribution of ads. With detailed analysis of presidential and congressional campaign ads and discussion questions in each chapter, this accessibly written book is a must-read for students, scholars and practitioners who want to understand the ins and outs of political advertising.

For more information, visit Westview (where you can also find a sample) or Amazon.