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New Analysis of 2022 Midterm Advertising Published

(MIDDLETOWN, CT) February 27, 2023 - New research utilizing Wesleyan Media Project data yields new insights on the polarization of 2022 midterm messaging between the parties in discussions of race as compared to discussions of gender. The new analysis, described by the Collaborative on Media and Messaging (COMM) for Health and Social Policy, builds on prior research published by WMP’s co-directors in early 2023 highlighting the pro-Democratic focus on abortion as a key issue. What was not previously known was the extent to which the race-related conversation in 2022 was contested between the parties and led more often by Republicans.…
Wesleyan Media Project
February 27, 2024
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2024 ElectionsReleases

Advertising in Presidential Race Takes a Nosedive after New Hampshire

Trump, Biden Give Little Attention to South Carolina(MIDDLETOWN, CT) February 16, 2024 - The volume of television advertising in the 2024 presidential race has fallen dramatically since the January 23 New Hampshire primary. In the weeks since New Hampshire, candidates and the groups and parties supporting them have spent only $2.6 million on under 8,000 ad airings on broadcast television stations. (This figure omits an estimated $7 million in spending on an ad that aired during the Super Bowl by the American Values super PAC, which backs Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) Figure 1, which shows the number of broadcast ads…
Wesleyan Media Project
February 16, 2024
WMP Issue Spotlight
2022 ElectionsReleases

Advertising Issue Spotlight (9/1/22 – 9/30/22)

(MIDDLETOWN, CT) October 4, 2022 – The Wesleyan Media Project is releasing the second post in a series of regularly updated overviews of issue mentions in federal races by state. Below we show the percentage of ads  mentioning seven key issues tracked by the WMP (abortion, energy/environment, guns, health care, immigration, inflation, public safety). The post covers ads from all sponsors (candidates, parties, and outside groups) aired on broadcast TV in U.S. House and U.S. Senate races from September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022. Note that percentages across the columns may total more than 100 percent because ads often…
Wesleyan Media Project
October 4, 2022
Women in Second Amendment Jersey
2022 ElectionsReleases

2022 Midterm TV Ad Volume Off to a Record Start

Photo Gage Skidmore/Flickr Outside Groups Airing a Third of All Ads; Spotlight on Abortion, Immigration, and Guns (MIDDLETOWN, CT) June 23, 2022 - Driven by competitive primaries for U.S. Senate seats and gubernatorial races, the volume of advertising on television so far in the 2022 midterms is shattering records, according to a new report by the Wesleyan Media Project. Between January 6, 2021, and June 19, 2022, U.S. Senate contests have seen just over half a million television ad airings, which is a 66 percent increase over the volume of Senate ads in 2020 and a 227 percent increase over…