The Wesleyan Media Project (WMP) is pleased to provide scholarly access to Kantar Media/CMAG tracking data and video files covering all broadcast television political advertising from the 210 media markets in the United States. Wesleyan Media Project coding is also available for all federal and gubernatorial airings that have been publicly released.

Kantar Media/CMAG television health insurance advertising data are not currently available. Please click here to be notified when these data (covering several years following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act) become available to the academic community. The time frame for this release is still uncertain, but will likely be in January 2021.

Replication data for our publication “Issues Relevant to Population Health in Political Advertising in the United States, 2011‐2012 and 2015‐2016” in The Milbank Quarterly will be made available soon. Please click here to be notified.

To gain access to a particular year of political ad data, please follow the instructions below. Each dataset costs $20. The nominal data cost ensures WMP has resources to cover needed administrative and web maintenance costs of making the data available to scholars.

What Comes with Your Purchase

  • Zipped Stata 13 files broken out by level of race (e.g., President; US Senate; US House; Governor; and down ballot, which includes all other state and local races, including judicial)
  • Zipped SPSS files containing the same data as the Stata 13 files
  • Zipped folders containg a .wmv video file for each ad (10-20 video files are typically missing in each cycle). 2018 ads are also available in .mp4 format.
  • Download the variable matrix, which shows the variables available in each data set
  • NOTE: The 2010 data is divided up differently, with a separate spending file

See below for data availability by year and levels. Data from 2012, 2014 and 2016 start on January 1 of the year prior to election day up to election day (e.g., 1/1/2011 – 11/5/2012). Data from 2006 and 2010 cover January 1 of the election year up to election day.

Due to contractual obligations with our data provider, data can only be purchased by members of academic institutions, for academic purposes.

Guidance on how to deal with WMP data for replication policies
WMP would like to remind our users that the data agreement with Kantar Media/CMAG prohibits scholars from providing access to the underlying data in publication materials, even for the purposes of replication. In order to comply with journal replication policies, we recommend that scholars 1) provide syntax that includes a call to the original public file and modifies it for use in their analyses, and 2) include a note indicating how others can gain access to the data by signing a user agreement of their own.

 U.S. Senate, U.S. House,
Gubernatorial, and
"down ballot" races
2004 and earlierAccess via Wisconsin Advertising Project
2006*Apply for access below
Download 2006 Codebook
2008Access via Wisconsin Advertising Project
2010**Apply for access below
Download 2010 Codebook
2012Apply for access below
Download 2012 Codebook
Apply for access below
Download 2012 Presidential Codebook
2014Apply for access below
Download 2014 Codebook
2016Apply for access below
Download 2016 Codebook
Apply for access below
Download 2016 Presidential Codebook
2018Apply for access below
Download 2018 Codebook
2020Contractually, cannot be made
available until after 2022 elections.
Sign up to be notified.
Contractually, cannot be made
available until after 2022 elections.
Sign up to be notified.
*2006 data set is from 1/1/2006-election day and is only from the top 100 media markets.
**2010 data set is from 1/1/2010-election day from all 210 markets.


How to Apply

To request the data, please fill out the online form below or mail in your paper applications.

Please note that applications may take up to 3-4 business days (more during holidays) to process as our agreement with Kantar/CMAG requires manual verification of your identity.  We apologize that we cannot automatically grant data access.

Option 1: Online Submission (see below)
Fill out the online form below. After filling out the form and creating an account (new users) you will get instructions for how to submit your electronic payment. Submitting the form below  constitutes your acceptance of the data use agreement (see links in the form).

Option 2: By Mail
Mail your completed data use agreements (which must be printed on academic letterhead), along with a check ($20 for each data set requested, combining into one check is fine) payable to “Wesleyan University” to the address below. Download the “mail-in” Data Use Agreements via these links: 2006, 2010, 2012, 2012 Presidential, 2014, 2016, 2016 Presidential, 2018.

Wesleyan Media Project
c/o Department of Government
Wesleyan University
238 Church Street
Middletown, CT 06459

Online Submission

Note: After submitting your form you will be taken to a page to create an account (new users) and/or pay for the data (existing users).

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