Economy Dominates; Wall Street, Health Care and Obama Prominent Themes in 2010 Federal Advertising

Partisan Division: Dems Attack Wall Street and Wall Street Experience
GOP (and especially IGs) Go After Health Care and Obama

(MIDDLETOWN, CT) Oct. 25, 2010 -- In the battle for control of Congress, economic references are far and away the most prominent theme mentioned in both Democratic and Republican advertising.   In particular, jobs are receiving the...
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Gubernatorial Advertising Up Dramatically This Year

Overall Volume is Double 2006 Level;

Outside Group Advertising Has Tripled;

California, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio Inundated by Ads

(MIDDLETOWN, CT) Oct. 21, 2010 – The volume of advertising in the 37 states holding gubernatorial races this November is up dramatically over the volume of advertising aired up to this point in 2006.  ...
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A Brief Word on ‘Magic’ Words

We took a quick look at magic word usage by interest groups in House and Senate races in 2008 and 2010 (1/1-10/5 in both cases).  The short story is that magic words are used far more often this year in House races (1 in every 3 IG ads, compared to 1 in 10...
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